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The Magnolia Market

This was definitely a double treat kinda day.
We got to eat at the fabulous Magnolia Table restaurant (see my April 5 post for all the yummy details) AND we shopped at Magnolia Market.
Someone pinch me.
'Cause this was surreal.
Fixer Upper fans like myself know what I'm talking about.

I think I had this giant giddy grin on the whole time.

Even my 3 kids were excited to get in on the action. Here they are:

The Magnolia Market was literally in full bloom. Outside, in the garden area, there were gorgeous pink roses, lavender and tulips blooming in all the flower beds.
I'm a flower fanatic --with my company's name SheBloom and Rose as my daughter's middle name--so this alone made my day.
Check out these blooming beauties.

Those pink roses were stunning. And the leaves were glossy green, too.
This was just outside the Seed + Supply store, where there's also a fabulous greenhouse. Check it out below.

Inside the store were more flowers on display. This time, the artif…

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